Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The beginning

I was chatting to a friend the other day. We've known each other for years, from when I started going to gigs as a rebellious teenager (is there any other kind?), skiving off work to freeze my arse off at Scarborough Castle for 12 hours just to see my favourite band play an hour long set in the pouring rain. It seems incredible to think that that weekend was nearly five years ago! But I digress.

I gave birth to my daughter in December last year - the most incredible, intense experience of my life so far, and I've done a lot in my 23 years! Cooing over the latest round of pictures of the little munchkin on FB, my friend asked me "Do you think babies are the new rock 'n' roll?" It really got me thinking. It seems, these days, that the friends I spent my formative years and many a drunken evening with are all settling down, getting married and popping out sprogs, myself and the mister being prime examples. Does that mean that we're no longer true to those rock 'n' roll principles that we held so dear, or does rock 'n' roll evolve as we grow as people?

I don't think that just because I no longer smoke or go out to a gig and knock out 15 double Jack and Cokes followed by a Jagerbull for the walk home that I'm no longer the person I was before giving birth to my daughter. Yes, I may be her mummy now, but I'm also still the girl who'd spend the night in a phonebox or go 50 hours without sleep to see her favourite band. My priorities are different now; my daughter is number 1 and nothing will ever change that. But I wouldn't be true to myself or be able to be a happy, fulfilled mum if I lost sight of who I truly am.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that yes, babies are the new rock 'n' roll. They're the next twist in the road. My path hasn't changed since becoming a mummy, it's just become even more exciting and challenging. I've found that I can enjoy a gig without getting pissed, that I can have a good time and still come in and tiptoe around the house so as not to wake up my sleeping angel. I've also found that there are few greater joys than teaching my daughter the importance of independent thought or rocking out with her as we air guitar along to Mummy and Daddy's extensive record collection!

Thought of the day comes from Ginger - "Only those who know how to rock know when to roll."